003 : The Determination of Being a Visionary with Chace Spillman -


003 : The Determination of Being a Visionary with Chace Spillman

January 3, 2018

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In this episode James interviews Chace Spillman on how to stay determined in your pursuit of your vision and the grace it requires along your journey. Also, the struggles of being a visionary and (how when partnering with people) how important it is to find those who align with you. Lastly, we cover how to build a place you don’t want to escape from and we give tons of book recommendations that you won’t want to miss!

James & Chace first met back in 2012 and they connected because they shared the same mindset of having big visions and inspiring others. They’ve remained friends through these past 6 years and always found a way to support one another. Right now Chace is working on building a micro-city/community from scratch in Arizona with his wife Susy. Which we actually went visit on NYE to ring in 2018. We wanted to be away from the city, our phones, and be in nature. It’s a pretty cool place that they’re building and getting to see their vision in action was amazing.

You’ll definitely love this episode guys!


Key Takeaways 

  • The commitment it takes to build your vision.
  • Chace’s journey of creating a community completely off the grid.
  • The books Chace recommends that changed his life.
  • How creating the ‘right’ relationships are key to your vision
  • How to be a solution based thinker
  • Giving yourself grace
  • Having a vision that scares you


Time Stamped Show Notes

(0:54) Introduction of Chace Spillman

(3:18) Backstory of James and Chace’s friendship

(4:12) Resolution goal vs. vocation goals for the new year

(4:58) Being a kid and having a vision of a Utopia

(5:20) Why he wanted to start building a community off the grid

(6:18) How to be a solution based thinker and staying rooted in strong relationships

(8:25) The mindset behind creating your own community and how to stay committed.

(9:07) Give yourself the grace to make mistakes

(9:20) There is no ‘failure’

(9:40) The book that changed his mindset

(11:00) Look at life as solutions

(12:15) Celebrating the small wins will help create momentum

(14:00) Start of how to create a vision

(15:40) Find how sensory rich personalities can physically create their vision

(16:40) Finding people that can support your vision

(18:00) How to attract your team and you find people that will want to commit to you.

(21:05) The philosophy that guides his life

(22:47) Moments of quitting

(25:10) Having a vision that scares you

(26:00) Social cause as a purpose and self awareness

(28:00) Redefine the feeling of your vision

(29:00) Feeling fear & giving ourselves grace

(31:20) “Self Time is a tough thing for me, so building a place I don’t want to escape from is important to me.”

(36:00) What advice would you give to a college student about to enter the real world?

(39:40) Book Recommendations & Discussion

(46:00) Owning your strengths and breaking through your pride.

(49:00) Manifestation of your future

(51:25) Closing insights and being you

(55:15) What does Be That 1% mean to you?






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“Have the belief in yourself to create great things in the world and give yourself the grace to do it.“ – Chace Spillman



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