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Be That 1% is a mindset centered around doing what 99% won't. Listen in weekly to gain clarity on life, business, and relationships while learning how to breakthrough to your next level. 


TOP 1% Ranked globally.  70+ Countries.

You’ll get to hear from leaders and business owners from all around the world on how they effectively get things done, influence their teams to achieve more and manage their energy to perform at a high level. 

There’s more to life than just making money; I want to help you make an impact and stay committed to your craft which requires a focus on health & wellness, clear goals, strong relationships and an overall guiding purpose that’s in alignment with your values. 

what you'll learn here: 

What prevents most people from living the life they’ve always imagined is how they look at the world, respond to what happens to them, move through fear and how they choose to train their mind. A strong mindset can make the difference between an average or a great life. 

I'm James Silvas.

Your new Peak Performance Coach. I specialize in teaching leaders, high performing teams, and individuals how to train their minds so they can optimize their personal and professional lives.  Now, I get to teach you all about the one percent shifts to take you from good to GREAT.

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My obsession is helping leaders and entrepreneurs BREAKTHROUGH limitations, strengthen their mindset and take action towards living a successful life on their terms. 

- Shotime

"I was recently suggested this podcast from a friend/mentor and to say that I'm grateful would be a dramatic understatement. I have been going through episodes and taking notes all weekend."

Five Stars:


"If you're looking for inspiration to follow your dreams, lessons in impactful life stories and actionable tips to level up your life - hit subscribe button!"

Five Stars:

- mikeycccc

"Awesome podcast and even better guy. James is the same way off the stage as he is on the stage. Great listen and TONS to learn. Value given episode after episode."

Five Stars:

- dreamandril

"I'm absolutely sold on this podcast. I have gotten through 80 so far and continually been inspired. I say ignite also because there is sooo much to learn from James and the people on the podcast. I literally only want to listen to this since I've started.

Five Stars:

- NP-Maggie

"James nails it every time! I love tuning into the Be That 1% podcast while I'm driving or making dinner, to remind myself not to play small in the world. The guests that he has are phenomenal and I can tell align with his message and purpose."

Five Stars:

- motivationalwoman

"I enjoy listening and learning from this podcast! The education is for all people of any age! The takeaways are always huge and life changing. Very inspirational techniques that you can apply in your own life!

Five Stars:

Understand What's Holding You Back from Your Next Level and How to Leverage It so You Fear Less.

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