005: Choosing The Life You Want with Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields. -


005: Choosing The Life You Want with Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields.

January 17, 2018

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Olympic Gold Medalist and 2x Olympian for Team USA, Connor Fields is on the podcast today. Connor took the Gold Medal for Team USA for Men’s BMX in the 2016 Rio Games.

In this episode Connor talks about his willingness to sacrifice in the present to achieve what he wanted in the future. He also talks about what it’s like to be in a sport where it’s 100% on you all the time and the challenges he faces of being on the same team with other people trying to take his same dream.

Him and James dive in deep on the importance of choosing your inner circle wisely, why 99% of people give up on what they want, and what has contributed to his success thus far PLUS what success looks like for him now that he has achieved what only 1 in 22 million people will ever achieve.




“I knew the end goal and I was willing to sacrifice in the present to achieve it.” – Connor Fields


Key Take Aways 

  • Having a vision
  • You make your vision a reality
  • Extreme success requires extreme work and extreme sacrifice
  • Keep track of your training/preparation, writing down and measuring progress
  • Discipline your mind to be in the present for peak performance


Connor’s Biggest Advice:

  • Train your brain like a muscle.
  • Tell your brain what to do, NOT what not to do.
  • You have to consciously program you mind and develop a ritual.
  • The more you get into the present moment the more you can achieve.



Time Stamped Show Notes

(2:50) – Start of Episode

(3:47) – Intro to Connor Fields

(4:28) – The drive to win

(4:56) – Connor refuses to be taken out of a Rec League Basketball game

(5:48) – Choosing BMX

(6:46) – Challenges to training at an early age to become a future Olympian

(8:05) – Sacrifice in the present to achieve the future you want

(8:28) – Connor’s key attributes to being that one percent

(10:00) – Focusing on the vision to push through challenges

(11:27) – Specific challenges and how Connor pushed through

(14:17) – Using self talk to reframe perspective and drive focus

(18:03) – Getting into the state of flow/into the present moment

(19:00) – Importance of being present/focused when you need to perform your best

(20:30) – The ability to be focused requires discipline, preparation, and practice

(21:30) – Breathing technique to get focused

(22:56) – Different concepts learned from sports psychologists

(24:32) – Taking a personality test with Team USA

(25:42) – Challenges with Team USA dynamics

(27:49) – Daily habits Connor uses to set himself up for success

(29:27) – Keeping a training diary

(30:38) – Training moderation, adjustment, and goal setting

(32:44) – The experience of being at the Olympics

(40:23) – Connor’s definition of success in sports and in life

(44:57) – Qualities of being the best individual you can be

(45:45) – James’ take on who he wants to be in 10 years

(46:24) – Importance of giving back and helping others achieve success

(47:33) – Support from parents and a look at their perspective

(49:50) – Qualities to look for in a mentor and people in your inner circle

(52:36) – Building your circle of influence

(55:20) – What does Be That 1% mean to you?

(56:40) – The Power of Vision



  • “I knew the end goal and I was willing to sacrifice in the present to achieve it.”
  • “Extreme success requires extreme work.”  (Paraphrased)
  • “You have to tell your body and mind what to do, instead of what not to do.”
  • “I made it come true.”


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