054: Live Your Dream Life in Real Life with Ronda Wynn -


054: Live Your Dream Life in Real Life with Ronda Wynn

September 5, 2018

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Welcome to Episode 54 with Ronda Wynn. Ronda is an empowerment coach and lifehacker. She helps women transition into lives that they’re absolutely in love with. In this episode, Ronda really breaks down how she put herself out there in her community and the importance of simply showing up. Amanda and Ronda also discuss the game changing power of community, giving away your knowledge, and building an attraction based business.


Topics Discussed

  • Visibility (putting yourself out there)
  • How to build an attraction based business
  • Fear of judgement and how it holds us back
  • Showing up and speaking up
  • Finding life hacks to live your dream life
  • Giving away your knowledge
  • Positioning yourself in the correct market
  • Life hacks for parents trying to balance it all
  • The game changing power of community
  • Writing a mindset book

Powerful One-Liners

  • “Show up and speak up! The clients and the people that are supposed to be in your life will come to you.”
  • “While you’re in line waiting for the door of opportunity to open, there are people jumping through windows.”

Events Mentioned

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October 27-28, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

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