Become the leader you envision. 

Learn 5 Strategic Shifts in 5 Days to help level up your Leadership, Impact & Productivity. 

Become the leader you envision. 

Learn 5 Strategic Shifts in 5 Days to help level up your Leadership, Impact & Productivity. 

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The 5 Day Shift Free Challenge

Learn 5 Strategic Shifts to Level up your Leadership, Impact & Productivity

Shift from busy to productive (learn how to stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong things).

Stop trying to juggle everything. (Learn how to stay present in what matters most.)



5 day challenge overview

Shift from Applause to Cause (discover how the noise is disrupting your consistency and forward momentum).


Learn the 4 Common Fears that prevent leaders from leveling up their success (plus learn which specific fear is holding you back).


Learn how to breakthrough to the next level and sustain your growth.



Challenge starts October 18th and ends October 22nd

This 5 Day FREE Challenge is going to help you become the growth-minded, high performing leader you envision without having to sacrifice your health and/or personal life.

During these 5 days you'll be able to identify growth points (aka problems or weaknesses), understand what's preventing you from reaching your next level, and be given exercises and daily trainings to navigate it.

Welcome to The 5 Day Shift -A New Level of Leadership

Ready  To Make the Shift?

"I have been working with James for just over a year, and I had the most successful year in my personal growth, my finances, and career path. James has helped me recognize, re-evaluate, and grow my worth over the year through his willingness to truly understand who I am, what I’ve done, and where I want to go on a deep level. James has given me the confidence to run with my passions by being able to objectively remind me what my purpose is through his skillful tactics. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have people in your corner that you trust on a personal and business level, and it’s hard to find both. James is exactly that: he seeks to empathize and connect on a deeper level so that you can break through any barriers that may be holding you back in your business. Thank you, James for being that game changer in my life!"

APPLE Fitness Trainer, Former Nike Master Trainer
los angeles, CA

"James has been a Game Changer in my career."


"I invested in coaching with James as I was a newer entrepreneur, in a transition from my first career to my dream career. I was struggling and honestly felt like I was drowning as often times new business owners can feel. I was seeking coaching to learn about how to create the culture that I desired but I didn’t know how. What I didn’t realize was it started with ME. Who am I. I have done every program he offers: group coaching, mastermind, one-on-one coaching, VIP weekends and have even brought him into my business to work with my staff, dancers and parents. Working with James I believe has been the key for not only growing our business but he help transform me from surviving to thriving!"

Dance Studio Owner, 300+ students
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"James transformed me from surviving to  Thriving!"


"For the first time in 6 years I started to revamp my life & business, increase my productivity, and make more money toward my daily income. I'm beyond grateful for James and this thoughtful program he's created. I'm also grateful for the new business relationships that to this day still hold me accountable, and still reach out to check on me and my business. "


"I'm beyond grateful for James and the programs he creates."

cosmetologist, independent contractor
las vegas, nv

How This Challenge Works

👉🏽 Click any ENROLL button on this page. Type in your first name and email so save your spot. Then go check your email to get started!

First This

✔️ Mark your calendars. Challenge week is October 18th - 22nd. Keep checking your email for updates and additional information before we go live. 

Then this

🎉 Show up each day of the challenge. You'll get LIVE trainings with James, a workbook, a free masterclass, and Q&A coaching.


Be able to REFOCUS your energy and go from being busy to productive. 

Find BALANCE again in your work + life responsibilities and relationships. 

Shift from needing the applause to perform to being DRIVEN by something deeper and more sustainable. 

Understand your FEARS, how it actually shows up in your life and steps to navigate it so it doesn't hold you back.

 Learn how to move through your plateaus, improve and GROW higher & deeper in your job/business.

Create more FREEDOM and avoid overextending yourself with your work or team.

By the end of The 5 Day Shift, you will...

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I'm James Silvas.

Your new Peak Performance Coach. I specialize in teaching leaders, high performing teams, and individuals how to train their minds so they can optimize their personal and professional lives. I've worked withh companies and teams like NIKE, MGM,  ADT, 24 Hour Fitness, Sunder, EcoShield, etc. Now, I get to teach you all about the one percent shifts to take you from being a good leader to GREAT, high performing leader.

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Building a successful, high performing business and team.

Finding balance with all the hats you wear.

Growth, lean into the discomfort and stop being complacent.

Stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong things, people and places.

Placing yourself in environments where you feel supported and challenged. 

Having structure, clarity and a next level vision that calls you forward and out of your plateau.

If you want to END THIS YEAR on top and finally commit to:

ENROLL in the challenge NOW

Challenge starts October 18th and ends October 22nd

This       for you if:

You've plateaued or FEEL burnt out

You're not in a leadership/business role

You are a leader or run a business

you're not willing to commit to the process

ready to level-up and refocus on what matters most

It's           for you if...

you don't value growth or Don't want more for yourself



It's probably
for you if...

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The 5 day shift free challenge

Learn 5 Strategic Shifts to level up your leadership, impact and productivity. This challenge runs October 18th - 22nd.