010: Leading By Design with Angela Summers -


010: Leading By Design with Angela Summers

February 7, 2018

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Welcome to the Be That 1% Podcast Experience!

Today on the podcast we have an amazing lady named Angela Summers.


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Angela is a Recreation Services Manager with the City of Henderson in Nevada.  And during her 20+ year career, she has worked for recreation facilities in California, Hawaii, Japan, and Nevada.  She is a nationally recognized motivationally speaker and has presented at various conferences across the country for the past 10 years.  Her areas of focus include promoting positive leadership, strengthening workplace culture and relationships, and inspiring today’s “new age” workforce.  Angela supervises over 250 employees, many of whom are of the millennial generation; through her passion she shares positive insights that help recreational professionals not only survive the millennial invasion, but also learn to embrace it.

Angela is a leader, mentor, wife and a mom.  She and her husband Isaac have 5 beautiful children and she enjoys sharing openly and honestly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and being a strong female leader.  Angela believes that the key to building strong relationships is “working for it”, which is something she strives to do each and every day.  

Being exceptional at something requires dedication, commitment, passion and HARD WORK!

And as you will see here through Angela’s interview her secret sauce to leadership is to lead through a positive vision, empowering and nurturing her team leader, and treating every employee as an actual person.


Key Takeaways 

  • Having a growth mindset is imperative to an organization wanting to make a difference
  • Passion is deep rooted
  • With passion comes fire
  • How leaders make an impact
  • How leaders can become even greater
  • Being a servant leader and building up others around you
  • Treating people like people not just an ‘employee’
  • Being vulnerable is the real power of connecting with people
  • The language you speak isn’t the language other people speak
  • How to re-adjust when you’re having a disagreement and what to focus on instead
  • How she balances being a lady boss and full time mom & wife
  • Concept of “dating your staff”
  • Be a voice to those who need encouragement



As leaders we have the ability to help motivate others to achieve their dreams! – Angela Summers


Time Stamped Show Notes

(4:20) Start of interview

(6:30) Angela’s Backstory

(8:20) City of Henderson background

(10:06) Reference to Mayor’s State of the City Address  

(11:12) Mindset of ‘what’s next’ and how can we grow daily

(13:20) Where did your passion come from of wanting to make an impact?

(18:12) Where Angela’s passion stems from and why she considers herself a servant leader.

(20:06) Who inspired Angela and her role models

(21:48) Story from when she was first in a management role

(24:10) Advice she gives to new leaders

(25:18) Mistakes most leaders make and how to correct it

(27:10) Leaving baggage at the door concept

(29:20) What leaders tend to get caught up with most

(33:00) Her speaking topics when she gets asked to speak at a conference.

(35:00) What a leader does

(36:40) What a lot of her workshops entail when she’s teaching a room of professionals

(38:36) Internal expectations and how we reflect those onto other people

(42:40) The 5 Love Languages

(46:40) How to squash an argument

(51:28) Balancing work life and family life

(55:30) Give yourself a break

(57:10) Advice to ‘date your staff’

(58:45) What does it mean to you to Be That 1%? (her answer)

(1:02:00) Why is it hard for people to be their own 1%? (her answer)

(1:03:00) It’s okay to feel confident and proud of yourself!

(1:05:00) Who Angela’s future self is.


As a leader you are committing to investing in other people! – Angela Summers





More information about the City of Henderson:


Job/Employment Information:


Job Fair – 2018 Summer Recreation

Saturday, February 24th at Whitney Ranch Recreation Center






To contact Angela about joining the City of Henderson’s elite team or speaking request:




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