019: Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs - Lessons from Tony Robbins' UPW Event -


019: Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs – Lessons from Tony Robbins’ UPW Event

March 14, 2018

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Welcome to the Be That 1% Podcast Experience!

It’s been a year since we attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within Event in Los Angeles and so we thought it’d be a good refresher of the material for us and to make an episode out of it as a ‘mini’ crash course from the content from the event.

This event is the one he’s most known for. It’s a 4 day event and includes a FIRE WALK on the first night. The days started from sunrise through sunset. They were long, intense and really allowed for self reflecting.

Tony Robbins’ is someone we’ve both looked up to, as many have, the way he’s able to connect with others and teach his material is amazing and the impact he’s been able to make is definitely one for the record books.

So our goal for this episode is to give you an inside look at this event and what we learned from it. There’s a FREE WORKBOOK DOWNLOAD that goes along with this episode. It’s a workbook that we created that highlights some of the material that we felt was most impactful from the event. *Note the workbook and language in the workbook is not verbatim from the event (for obvious reasons) but does give you a good understand of the lessons presented. We know his tickets are a financial commitment so our hopes is that this gives you a little mini UPW at your own home 🙂




Key Takeaways & Topics Covered in Episode

Peak States

State of Mind Influences

Going to the NEXT LEVEL

Writing out what going to the next level looks like

3 Forces of Creation: Focus, Massive Action & Appreciation

Law of Familiarity

Get around anything long enough and you’ll take it for granted.

2 Primary Fears that stop us from achieveing

1) Fear of not being enough

2) Fear of not being loved

The 6 Human Needs (Why We Do What We Do)

The Ultimate Success Formula

1) Know your outcome 2) Know your reasons why (how comes second to your why) 3) Take massive action 4) Notice what you’re getting (monitor and pay attention to your results) 5) Change your approach and adjust as you go

Power of Beliefs

Finding Your Passion Questions

– What do you love?

– What do you hate?

– What are you passionate about?

– What do you really want?

– Money … don’t just ask for more. Ask for a specific amount, by when and what you want it for.What two new decisions can you commit to? *Ask Intelligently

Where you are now vs. where you want to be’Closing The Gap’

Peers & Team

Proximity is Power

Get around people who are where you want to be

Play the ‘game’ at a higher level

Wheel of Life Rank these areas of life from 1-10

1) Celebrate/Contribute 2) Physical Body 3) Emotions & Meaning 4) Relationships 5) Time 6) Work/Career/Mission 7) Finances

The Dickens Process

Assessing Limiting Beliefs


‘One Liners’ from the event that impact us!

See the situation as it is, not worse than it is
If you wait for someone to tell you want to do, it’s over.
Emotion is created by motion.
When you’re put on the line you will figure out how to make it work.
Trade your expectations for appreciations.
What controls our minds determines the quality of your life.
If your mind says I can’t, then you say I MUST and take action without hesitation.
It’s decisions not conditions that shape and control our lives.
5 minutes of anger = 6 hours that your immune system is affected and has to rebuild
Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it.
In order for things to change you must change.

Say yes now then find the way later.
It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Life will pay whatever you ask of it.

Get around people that think, what you think is hard, is easy to them.

Always be managing 2 businesses: 1.business The business you have and 2. The business we’re becoming.

Don’t start looking without a clear map and desired outcome or you’ll fall for whatever comes your way.

We are a result of our conditioning.




Saturday, August 28th | Las Vegas, NV




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