020: Branden Collinsworth from High School Dropout to Nike Master Trainer and Entrepreneur -


020: Branden Collinsworth from High School Dropout to Nike Master Trainer and Entrepreneur

March 21, 2018

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We have an amazing man joining us today on the podcast all the way from Bali.

Branden Collinsworth, CSCS, MAPP, is a Nike Master Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Human Performance Coach and Humanitarian. He is the Co-Founder of Real Results Fitness and Founder of Warrior Retreats in Peru. Branden has his Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He studied under Angela Duckworth, Adam Grant and other greats in the positive psychology world. He’s currently studying in Bali, Indonesia. 


Key Takeaways 

  • If you can take your mind to another place, you can inevitably take your being to another place
  • Reaching an elite level is not a quick process
  • Develop gratitude–it will attract things that fulfill you
  • Work on seeing and cultivating your own strengths, not focusing on the gifts of others
  • Lead by example, lead from integrity, lead from the heart
  • Success and reaching high goals requires unconquerable persistence  
  • You are ultimately responsible for your own vision



  • “Love is liberating”
  • “The universe rewards those who leave it all on the table”
  • “Sight is what we see with the eyes, vision is what we see with the soul”
  • “Too blessed to be stressed, too grateful to be hateful” – Dr.Martin Seligman
  • Intention + action = magic. Intention is the seed of an idea and action brings the seed to life
  • “You owe you” – Dray Gardner


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Books Mentioned

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • (5:07) Branden’s upbringing in East Vegas
  • (8:50) Two priceless gifts from his mother
  • (13:03) Becoming more than a statistic and re-education
  • (15:25) Fighting for his life
  • (21:40) Starting at UNLV and becoming a personal trainer
  • (23:09) Working under mentor Dr. Norwood
  • (24:00) Deciding to pursue a Master’s Degree and University of Pennsylvania
  • (25:31) Key takeaways from sports psychology experience
  • (26:37) Starting his first business and the executive program at Penn
  • (29:03) Starting Real Results Fitness
  • (30:43) Dealing with imposter syndrome and self doubt
  • (34:30) Power of mastering your vision
  • (36:47) Key takeaways from the positive psychology program
  • (38:46) Why is it so difficult to be grateful?
  • (41:40) Embodying your own strengths and talents
  • (44:50) Becoming a Nike Master Trainer
  • (50:57) Getting started with yoga
  • (53:10) Intention vs expectation
  • (56:40) Branden’s intention and motivation
  • (59:03) Super-heroes, super-villains and the responsibility of power
  • (1:03:40) Post traumatic growth explained
  • (1:07:04) Friend circles: Anchors, Nooses, and Lifelines
  • (1:11:24) Warrior Retreats
  • (1:17:04) What does be that 1 percent mean to you?
  • (1:22:21) End of Episode


(photo copy-write of Nike.com)







Warrior Retreats Website : https://warriorretreats.org

IG: @brandencollinsworth

FB: Branden Collinsworth




MEN’S EVENT | APRIL 28th in Las Vegas

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