093 Going Above and Beyond w Billy Polson -


093 Going Above and Beyond w Billy Polson

March 27, 2019

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 Going Above and Beyond w Billy Polson

In this Episode, Billy shares his story of scaling Diakadi Fitness to be a powerhouse gym in San Francisco, being voted best gym/best trainers for 13 straight years, learning how to lead a team and what mistakes he made early on that he teaches others to avoid. Here is a brief description of what Diakadi Fitness stands for:


We will make a deep, positive and meaningful difference in the lives of every client by helping them develop an intelligent plan to achieve their ideal body and lifestyle.

Clients will learn to listen to their body, stand taller, and breathe deeper.

They may become inspired to develop a thirst for knowledge, discover new passions in life, or make more time for themselves.

Some may improve their triathlon time or qualify for the Olympics while others will begin to take pride in their bodies and finally fit into their skinny jeans.

They will all learn to slow life down and laugh out loud daily while experiencing pain free living and enjoying food without fearing it.

Our clients will own the life they want – one that is joyful and healthy, where they feel alive every day.”


Topics Include:

  • How He transitioned from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

  • Mistakes made early on when owning his gym

  • Suggested tips for early stage entrepreneurs

  • Knowing it all vs doing it all

  • Book Rec: Clockwork – Mike Machalowicz

  • How he marketed his business early on

  • Transition from being a trainer to being a leader and owner

  • How he screens his applicants and chooses his trainers

  • Hell Yes or Hell No

  • Work Life Balance with his partner

  • The power of saying NO

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