029: The Self-Confidence Dilemma -


029: The Self-Confidence Dilemma

May 3, 2018

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Today we talk about the concept of whether the egg or the chicken came first in relation to self-confidence. We talk about the self-confidence dilemma that we all experience when we ask ourselves: Do I have to have experience to create confidence or do I have to have confidence to create experience?

Key Take Aways 

  • If you’re a growth minded person, you’re constantly going to be in the unknown
  • Effective leaders are able to get themselves into states that allow them to get work done.
  • When you’re not confident – where does your mind go?
  • Fear doesn’t go away but your confidence becomes louder than your fear
  • Mentorship helps with confidence and clarity
  • Be mindful of the labels you are putting on your experiences
  • Self-confidence is a daily practice
  • Confidence is a muscle
  • Don’t ever say something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else
  • Limiting language creates a limited reality


  • “If you want more confidence, you just have to be more committed.”

       – Dr. Guadagnoli on Episode 18

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • (02:12) Amanda explains the chicken or the egg concept
  • (05:44) James talks about how his confidence was tested recently
  • (08:35) Amanda talks about their UNSHAKEABLE event last weekend
  • (11:03) James begins to talk about the first pillar: focus
  • (13:03) Amanda talks about intention vs expectation
  • (14:11) James talks about a give vs take mindset
  • (15:01) Amanda cont’d
  • (17:10) James talks about how we attack our identities
  • (17:36) Amanda on the second pillar: accountability
  • (18:56) James on the importance of external accountability
  • (23:40) Amanda explains the third pillar: honesty and vulnerability
  • (27:56) James talks about fear and other negative emotions
  • (29:33) Amanda explains the fourth pillar: mentorship
  • (33:03) James talks about how we can interpret experiences in a helpful or unhelpful way
  • (34:25) Amanda explains the fifth pillar: practice & mindfulness
  • (37:52) James explains how confidence is a muscle 
  • (39:27) Amanda cont’d
  • (41:28) Amanda on 7 self-confidence takeaways they learned through planning Unshakeable
  • (41:48) James & Amanda discuss negative self Talk
  • (47:18) James & Amanda discuss focusing on impact vs numbers
  • (51:26) Amanda talks about being experience driven
  • (51:32) Show up regardless, no matter what
  • (53:56) Talking about our feelings with other people
  • (57:07) What having a WHY does for you
  • (1:00:11) JOYRide – why, how, what and when?

Links Mentioned

Use episode 028 to help you with finding your motivation strategy: bethatonepercent.com/028download

Free masterclass to help you turn disempowering beliefs into empowering ones:  bethatonepercent.com/masterclass

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