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243: Balancing Being a Parent & High Performer with Nike Trainer Betina Gozo Shimonek 

In this episode, we dive into balancing parenthood with being a high-performer, the habits and practices of putting yourself first so you can better serve others, being present as your #1 value, and much more.


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In today’s episode, James shares a framework he created while helping himself and his clients work through the comparison trap. He also shares a framework he learned recently that shines light on 3 areas to focus on to live life on your terms.

242. A helpful framework for navigating comparison and working through life’s 3 big gifts.


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If you are a growth oriented person, you’ll understand that every level has a new devil. You’ll notice a gap in skill and in Identity. This is where self-doubt can rear its head and destroy your consistency/ momentum.

In this episode, James will break down what self doubt is, where it can come from and strategies to work through it.

241. How to work through self-doubt as you continue to grow


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In this episode, you will learn why we hit plateaus in our life, whether it’s in our relationships, businesses or in our relationships. You will also gain strategies to work through these moments and decide on what action should or should not be taken.

240. Why we hit plateaus and strategies to work through them


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In this episode, James shares 5 strategies that have helped him become an effective listener, build deep connections, grow his business year over year and work with several high profile individuals and brands.

239.  5 Effective strategies for better listening


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MarQuez Haynes is a former professional basketball player, a mindfulness consultant, and a coach. Today, he is President & Co-Founder of Legacy Wealth Management Group, where he teaches investors & entrepreneurs proven techniques to acquire wealth through real estate.
MarQuez is a life-long learner and an epic traveler. Join us for the episode as we walk down memory lane, learn about his impactful self-discovery journey, and understand his thought process.

238. Journey to Manhood: Embracing Self-Discovery with Marquez Haynes. 


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Celinne Da Costa is a coach and a subconscious expert. She helps her clients rewrite their stories, and reprogram their minds, so that they live out their soul’s highest expression and destiny.

She has been featured in Forbes as one of the top online business experts and has her TED Talk.

Celinne is brave, and taking that bold stride has translated into a fantastic career, which I admire.

Our conversation is deep and philosophical, which I am sure you would find insightful and thought-provoking.

237. An Unconventional Approach to Human Connection with Celinne DaCosta


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The right Relationships can catapult you to a new level of lifestyle but the relationships that support us, challenge us and help us grow into a greater version of ourselves take intentional effort over time.

Today, James shares 7 strategies that will help you create and keep strong relationships in your life.

Listen and apply what aligns so that you can keep those you care about close to you as you continue to master your craft, achieve your goals and experience new milestones.

236. 7 strategies for creating and keeping strong relationships


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Relationships can be the source of our greatest joy, fulfillment and happiness while simultaneously being the greatest source of pain, frustration and stress.

Today, James shares what he sees as 7 signs that will help you recognize what relationships may no longer serve you, your goals and the type of person you choose to be.

Let this be an invitation to start the conversations necessary that will shift and/or release the relationships in your life.

235. 7 signs you’ve outgrown your relationships


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Adam Webb, Chief Revenue Officer at Sunder Energy, is a nationally ranked sales professional with diverse tactical and strategic experience in finance, marketing, human resources, and operations.

He is a seasoned leader and manager who strives to return value to the world through business and humanitarian efforts. Adam has been in the direct sales field for over 14 years now. He’s also a published author, patented inventor, a non-profit founder, and a father to 5 children.

I love his attitude towards life. He’s fun, open-minded, and exploratory. I think you’ll take away a lot from our conversation.

234. 6 Figure Summer with Adam Webb


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