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287:The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

In this episode, James and Kute discuss how prevalent control is in our lives and ways to begin loosening the grip on our experiences to allow genius and magic to flow through.


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Relationships can be dynamic and messy. Learning how to communicate, understand yourself and your partners needs and have the courage to be vulnerable are essential in building a relationship that lasts. Tune in to today’s episode to see if you are experiencing/using these common behaviors that destroy relationships and learn what to do instead.

286: The mindsets, behaviors, and habits that destroy relationships with Dr. Katherine Hertlein


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In the last nine years, James has been in countless conversations where tension was thick, stakes were high, and emotions were dynamic.

When in these types of conversations, James has realized certain mindsets that have helped him prepare, handle, and navigate the complexities in any hard conversation.

You’ll hear a few strategies, insights, and frameworks that will help you improve and refine your communication skills.

285. Arguing is pointless, try this instead.


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In today’s episode, James shares with you eight quotes that have helped shift how James operates in his business, relationships, and life. At different stages of his life, these quotes have served as a powerful teacher, reminder, and prompt for deeper exploration and insight.

 284: Quotes to live by 


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In Today’s episode, James talks about the concept of ‘Brain Endurance Training’ from the book Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance. He shares the studies that he found insightful and helpful to know about in order to leverage this information for greater levels of performance inside and outside of sport.

Join in and learn the strategies Elite-level athletes are using to reach new levels of performance.

283: ‘Brain Endurance Training’ – A concept from the book Endure


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Today is a reverse episode. You’ll hear James on the Mark Groves Podcast encouraging listeners to embrace both their individuality and the interconnectedness of all things to live a meaningful life aligned with their values and purpose.

They explore the importance of living our values to be in true alignment with ourselves.

James dismantles presence and discusses the concept of unselfing and facing our sh*t head on.

Tune in for an eye-opening conversation that invites us to reflect on and widen our perspective.

281: How to Re-Wire from Survival to Greatness with James Silvas


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Justin Hibbert is the creator of B10, an Elite Performance facility and brand, a 2x Ironman, and a Former Nightlife VIP host at Hakkasan Group. James and Justin have been friends for eight years, and on today’s episode, they talk about pain, resourcefulness, and developing staying power in pursuit of a very challenging goal.

Tune in to learn how to sharpen your focus, build your inner resilience, and lean into discomfort to grow into a greater version of yourself.

280: Developing Staying Power w Justin Hibbert


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In this episode, James shares an insight that can help you have your best year yet.

279: 2024: Courage > Confidence


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Join James + Mark as they dive into Mindset, Leadership, communication, and performance.

277: Battle-Tested Strategies and Exercises for Being Your Best with Dr. Mark Guadagnoli


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Today, James connects with Online Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur Michael Sheedy.

Michael has committed his life to understanding the human body and how to get the most out of your fitness routines.

276: Key Principles for Building a Top 1% Physique with Michael Sheedy


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