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229: How to live in alignment with Diamandia Lingos

Description: Diamandia Lingos is a consultant, speaker, mentor, athlete and advocate. She’s been on my podcast before, in a powerful and profound two-part series called Rising From the Ashes. You can check those out here (part 1) and here (part 2).

In this episode, we talk about alignment, self worth, trusting the process, goal setting, and enforcing boundaries.

She says, “Invest in yourself, and wherever you are feeling resistance lean into that because that is where you need to do the work.”

Show Topics:
What is alignment?
How the pandemic forced her to sit still
Meditation led to clarity
How Diamandia embodied her new identity
New energy, new people
Betting on herself by investing in a coach
How she secured a $50 million real estate deal
Following through, despite fear
Full body yes
It’s not about the “how”, it’s the “who”
Goal-setting – is it important?
Being in-tune with mind/body alignment
Less doing, more being
Self-worth is most important
The answers are within
Everyone should invest in themselves

Show Links:
Connect with Diamandia:
Twitter: @diamandia
IG: @diamandia

Connect with James:
IG: @james_silvas


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Jodi Stabile started out as a client of mine and our relationship has progressed into a deeper friendship. She’s worked in fitness for over 17 years, and is the owner of Sweat, a group fitness facility in St. Pete, Florida, which was recently recognized by ClassPass as one of the top 5 fitness studios in North America. She’s also a fitness expert on (HSN) Home Shopping Network.

In this episode, we dive into the strategies she’s used to grow and sustain her business, and how she’s come to live a life on her terms.

This episode will resonate with anyone who is building a business from the ground up, with no qualifications or experience doing so.

Jodi opens up about her own trials and tribulations along the way, as well as the things she wishes someone had told her when she first started out as an entrepreneur, including what a lonely road it would be.

226: Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Building a Business From the Ground Up with Jodi Stabile


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Today James connects with owner of Peak Human Performance, Coach Alex White. Alex trains high level athletes and leaders all over the world helping them reach new levels mentally and physically.

225. Training Mind-Body connection for maximum impact with Alex White  


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In today’s episode James connects with Ben Holt, the creator of Connect and Evolve, an experiential program focused on providing resources for preventative health and full-spectrum wellness.

Ben is primarily known for his work as a Breathwork and Plant Medicine facilitator, Sound Bath Maestro, Coach, Musician, and Filmmaker.

Ben hosts retreats, training, courses, events, and workshops that help people learn to self-regulate, and feel empowered to become a healing space for others.

224. The Magic of Breathwork with Ben Holt


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Today on the show James connects with Coach/Creator of the Freedom Mindset Academy and Host of the Recovering Perfectionist podcast, Christine Bar Noel. Together, they explore how to minimize burnout and navigate through perfectionism.

223: How to avoid burnout and not let perfectionism take over your life with Christine Bar Noel


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Today on the show James connects with Artist and Coach, Paola Ucelo. Together, they explore how to break free from the status quo, speak your truth and live on your terms.

217. Stop waiting for permission and take initiative with Paola Ucelo


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Today James connects with the Founder of Virtual, Partner and Leader of ‘Leaders Create Leaders’ and Master at creating systems, Brian Donovan. Brian shares his wisdom on how you can leverage systems to gain back time, money and resources, attract the right talent and build the right culture that sustains the growth you achieve. Get out your notebooks and get ready, this episode is packed with tactical strategies to help you in your business and personal life.

216. Creating systems, finding talent and delegating tasks with Brian Donovan


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Today on the Be That 1% podcast, James welcomes back Coach Brian Nunez as they dive into how he leads his team, handles uncertainty and views the role of fatherhood. 

163: Have The Courage To Act w Brian Nunez


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In today’s episode James sits down with Jason Loebig. Jason is the co-founder of Live Better, an experiential health & wellness company based in Chicago. Formerly a public accountant, Jason changed paths to pursue his love of coaching, training, mentorship, and speaking in the wellness space. He is also a Nike Trainer and Nike Run Club Coach, as well as a Barry’s Instructor and yoga teacher.

162: Living Better with Jason Loebig


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Have you ever had a moment where you felt hurt, disappointed, betrayed or unloved? Chances are In that moment, you experienced an emotional “wound”.  And if that wound goes unhealed, it will continue to cause pain in the future. In today’s episode, James talks about how to heal your emotional wounds until they scar over. Through the scarring process, your mindset shifts into a state of power and gratitude allowing you to live life on your terms. 

161: From Wounds To Scars


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