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286: The mindsets, behaviors, and habits that destroy relationships with Dr. Katherine Hertlein

Relationships can be dynamic and messy. Learning how to communicate, understand yourself and your partners needs and have the courage to be vulnerable are essential in building a relationship that lasts. Tune in to today’s episode to see if you are experiencing/using these common behaviors that destroy relationships and learn what to do instead.


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Today, James connects with Online Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur Michael Sheedy.

Michael has committed his life to understanding the human body and how to get the most out of your fitness routines.

276: Key Principles for Building a Top 1% Physique with Michael Sheedy


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Episode 274: Transcendent Leadership: Moving from “Not enough” to Peace w Carissa Johnsen Description: Carissa Johnsen is an International Spiritual Guide, Transformational Speaker, and Podcast host of Transcendent Leadership. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Guided Energy Medicine Facilitator, Intuitive, and Healer with 8 years of experience […]

275: Transcendent Leadership: Moving from “Not enough” to Peace w  Carissa Johnsen 


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With the mission of helping 1 billion people by 2030, Samantha started examining the underlying causes of anxiety, trauma, and stress in 2014 with her first Hay House best-selling book. Eventually, it grew the movement into the comprehensive wellness brand that Pause is today, supporting over 10,000 clients in 30+ countries worldwide.

274: Utilizing Breath for Recovery, Transformation, and Performance with Samantha Skelly


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A 23 year career shifted overnight: How A Breakdown led to a Breakthrough w Nick Motycka

273: A 23-year Career Shifted Overnight: How A Breakdown led to a Breakthrough with Nick Motycka


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In today’s reverse episode James appears on the Ignite U Podcast, discussing the mental body and how we can truly fortify our mindset through frameworks, concepts, and strategies.

272: Winning the Inner Game w James Silvas


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Let’s face it, our mind can be our best friend or our own worst enemy.

It’s easy to get in our heads, psych ourselves out, and have our performance suffer.

That doubt, fear, and insecurity can compound over days, weeks, months, and years to take us to a place we don’t want. It is a daily battle.

It’s critical to have frameworks, strategies, and exercises to work through that can provide a new level of clarity and productivity while injecting our work with a deeper meaning that brings new life to what we do.

James first learned this strategy while building his own business in 2014. Since then, he has now shared this with Direct Selling Reps across the nation witnessing sales boost 20-30% in less than 7 days, seeing reps on the verge of quitting find a way to turn it around and save a summer-long commitment and watching Sales teams that were ranked lowest in the company win competitions and find a new gear.

James hopes that regardless of whether you are in Sales or not, you can leverage this exercise to remain consistent, keep your eye on what matters, and achieve what you intend to accomplish.

271:Defeat Inconsistency, Procrastination, and Laziness with this Strategy


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Episode 270: Title: Moving off-grid: Building a regenerative community homestead w Chase Spillman Description: Chase Spillman is a Husband, Father, founder, and leader of his own off-grid, regenerative farming community called Arcadia. In this episode, James & Chase talk about the following: What it looks like to build a regenerative community homestead. The lessons learned […]

270: Moving Off Grid: Building a Regenerative Community Homestead w Chase Spillman


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In this episode, James answers a question from the Be That 1% community regarding meetings and how to improve them. Tune in to learn what strategies you can implement to see an improvement in this area.

Have a question you want James to answer on the show? Send an email to info@silvasspeaks.com or send a DM through the @bethatonepercent IG profile.

269: How do I increase my effectiveness with and in my meetings?


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Lance Essihos, a best-selling author and captivating host of the influential “University of Adversity” podcast, is on a transformative mission to turn adversity into purpose. As the visionary founder of Mic-Up Media, he ignites opportunities for aspiring leaders by connecting them with powerful podcast platforms. With over 400 transformative interviews featuring inspiring individuals, Lance sparks a profound sense of healing and human connection. His unwavering passion and drive empower others to embrace challenges, discover their true purpose, and reach new heights of success.

268: Sobriety, Adversity and lessons learned from the service industry w Lance Essihos


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