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Master Your Mindset w Collin Henderson

Today, I’m talking with Performance Coach and CEO of Master Your Mindset, Collin Henderson. In this episode, Collin shares with us common tendencies that block leaders from greater success, how to detach our self worth from the outcome, how to reprogram our limiting thoughts and become more confident. This episode is full of one liners, enjoy!


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In this episode we discuss ways to reset your body, the power of meditation, the science behind CO2, how to let go of limiting stories and how to optimize your life.

201: Optimize Your Life with Aurimas Juodka


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Today, I connected with my friend, 2x Ironman, B10 Nutrition founder and CEO, Justin Hibbert. In this episode we talk about numerous topics such as how to get into alignment with yourself, the importance of pushing your limits, relaxation and recovery techniques, cultivating presence, and building a work/life harmony. Justin shares with us his journey from being the best nightclub promoter in Vegas to becoming a 2x Ironman. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

198: There Is No Finish Line with Justin Hibbert

Personal Development

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Today James speaks with Veronica Kaulinis founder of Vulnerable AF and a personal coach who travels the world leading workshops on the importance of vulnerability.

197: Embracing Vulnerability for Deeper Relationships with Veronica Kaulinis


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In today’s episode James talks with Business Coach and Podcaster Melissa Martin on leadership and how to overcome resistance.

196: How To Handle Resistance and Navigate Alignment with Melissa Martin


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James talks with Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach, Aren Bahia, on the money mindset shift that changed his life, wow he builds and invests in business and habits to produce an intentional life.

195: From Selling Dope to Becoming an International Entrepreneur with Aren Bahia


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Be That 1% Podcast interview with Patrick Abbott, co-owner of Ecoshield Pest Solutions, on how he went from pizza boy to building a 9 figure business.

194: From Pizza Delivery To Building a 60 Million Dollar Business with Patrick Abbott


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Be That 1% interview with Solar Entrepreneur Mike Gutschmidt on how he handles the fear of rejection in the direct selling industry and how he built a multi-million dollar solar sales team.

193: How to Handle Rejection and Build a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Team with Michael Gutschmidt


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Be That 1% interview with Branden Collinsworth, NIKE Master Trainer. Listen in as they dive deep into the mindset behind mastery, love and developing a beginner’s mindset.

188:Falling In Love With The Process with Branden Collinsworth

Personal Development

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Be That 1% Interview with international model and podcaster, Justin Davis. Explore the concept of Imposter syndrome, what it is, what happens when we don’t know how to navigate and how we can continue to move forward in spite of this type of thinking.

187: Imposter Syndrome & The Creative Process with Justin Davis

Personal Development

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